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Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Online Support Network

Building a network, one small, private, online support group at a time is my goal. These groups will be moderated and facilitated by A.J. Mahari and at times co-moderators. These online groups are not a replacement for therapy or coaching but an adjunct to that. They will help Narcissistic Abuse Survivors come together and get to know each other, in small groups, in audio and/or video.

If you are interested in finding extra support and people to talk with online that will listen and support you as you support others too, please email using the contact form on this site. Each support group which will be 90 minutes long, will cost $10 a week.

When you email, if you are interested, please tell me just a little bit about yourself, doesn’t have to be much. Also please let me know which country and time zone you are in so I can arrange groups based on, hopefully people in the same time zones.

When you email I will give you the information about where these groups will take place online and I ask that you don’t tell anyone unless you know another narcissistic abuse survivor who would benefit from being a part of one of these groups.

© A.J. Mahari, August 14, 2018

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Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Support Network Online