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It is very humbly that I ask, if you can make a contribution, no matter how small, to helping me with legal costs to defend myself and my safety vs Narcissistic Landlord (and 3 other Narcissists) and Flying Monkeys make my life very stressful, leaving me without all of my tenant rights and interfering with the work I do. The work I do, sustains me, just. I just moved at considerable expense 3 months ago. Now, besides legal costs, I also have to move again. I offer help to others with a free YouTube Channel, over 900 blog posts written free to help others, and often working with clients on sliding scale fees. Along with that, often free extra time given to clients as well as charging a much lower rate than I really should. I try to give a much as I can to others and have been doing so online for since 1995.

If you can help please Donate

Any contribution you could make would be so appreciated and would go directly to helping me move out of this extremely abusive situation and to the legal costs to defend myself in court.

If you would like to donate please


Thank you! I’ve never had to ask for help like this before. It isn’t easy.

To Donate via PayPal: (This is only for the exact same legal/moving purposes as the Gofundme Campaign is)

Thank You so much for reading and considering a donation.

A.J. Mahari

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