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A.J. Mahari’s New Podcast – “Pathways To Healing”

To visit my Youtube Channel
To Read About Borderline Personality Disorder and to listen to my My BPD Podcast (for loved ones too)
To visit my newest (still under construction website) Touchstone Coaching (Please Note: I am not using that site’s calendar to book sessions currently and it does not reflect my availability.) The blog and message forum will be added to very soon.

To purchase sessions (if not on this page on this site) Ebooks, Audios – Mainly on or about BPD please go to: as well as some Self Help and Affirmation Ebooks with much more information coming soon on all aspects of Narcissistic Abuse and recovery on a new platform to be announced soon – Video series, Courses, Audio Program Series all to help you put recovery tools, skills, goals and more into action.



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