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Youtuber Foodie Beauty, Chantal Sarault, is a mentally ill immature, self-hating woman-child you live streams OFTEN about her messy dysfunction life, calling this her “Youtube Job”

Foodie Beauty calls her members Beezers and what she does on her lives streams Beezin. What does that actually mean?

Beezin in the urban dictionary refers to:

  1. Getting High on substances
  2. Binging on food
  3. Generally misbehaving

What can be healthy about the above as an on-going escalating activities that Foodie Beauty purports to be fun when they are extremely self-destructive. What does this say about everyone who can’t or refuses to stop financially supporting her or continuing to view her lack of content Youtube channel?

Why do perfect strangers hate Foodie Beauty?

Many are enablers. Others are very angry. Other viewers and/or members say that they have Chantal. I wonder if people think about why this Youtuber has so much effect on their emotions/feelings and in some cases lives.

I will be adding more here on the psychological aspects of this entire reality, niche area, the Youtubers and the viewers and members. While Foodie Beauty is at the center of what goes on in her life and then is live streamed about in the Beezin “reality” of what that means. It means behaving badly, childishly, taking no personal responsibility along with her pathological lying and much more. The Chantalverse also includes and/or extends to her members and viewers, hating her, or enabling her, but continuing to watch her.

Foodie Beauty the train wreck that people liken to a “Tv reality show” or something scripted continues to block Chantal’s chances of any recovery, physically or mentally – what kind of “relationship” are viewers, members, and some VIB’s engaged in and why?

Foodie Beauty’s only content is her messy mentally ill life.

More coming soon.