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A.J. Mahari – Trauma Recovery Specialist

I am happy to announce that I will be offering the following interactive services to members only:


Live Stream Coaching

Online Recovery Groups

In Depth Various Topics Video/Audio Series


Each interactive services is available for purchase with your free membership to my site: Breaking The Trauma Bond – Cluster B & Codependency Recovery  for those with Codependency, CPTSD, Recovery after a relationship with someone with Borderline Personality or Narcissistic Personality Disorder of any relationship type in your life. Workshops will give some participants, different people each time, a chance to work with me on an aspect of your confusion, cognitive dissonance, woundedness in real-time that will help you gain more understanding, clarity, and focus to apply to your recovery journey.

Once you have become a member (free membership) at: Break The Trauma Bond

you will be directed back here to purchase your seat in an up-coming Workshop or to a link from this page to new Ebooks, Audio Programs, and Courses coming soon.

The first Workshop will be on the topic of Challenges to deciding whether to stay or go in any Cluster B Relationship Type and how to cope if  you have been ghosted or discarded. What are your roadblocks to your own recovery? Let’s explore. If  you are interested in this workshop please use the contact form on this website to let me know. When I hear from enough interested people and narrow down a date and time, we will get into it.

If you are interested please use the contact button on this site and email me.

In this first workshop an introduction to identifying obstacles to what will help you to get to start Breaking The Trauma Bond when you feel addicted and focused on the person/Ex/Loved One with BPD. An interactive examination of what you are struggling with currently and information to help you to shift your focus.

$85,99 per each Workshop – To reserve your seat in this workshop please make your purchase. Please note: the date for this workshop will be set when enough people purchase a seat in the workshop. All purchases are non-refundable unless the workshop isn’t able to take place which is highly unlikely. Purchasing your seat now will require a little patience as the first workshop will take place in mid to late July 2020. Limited availability for please purchase your spot and email me with the best date and time for you in the last 2 weeks of July. Also, this workshop will be recorded so if you purchase a spot and then cannot make the scheduled time you will e able to see a recorded copy of the workshop. If you miss a workshop this recording will be available to those who purchased a spot and otherwise your purchase is non-refundable.

Upon your purchase, I will email you a few days ahead with the Zoom link and instructions on how to join the Workshop. The first workshop will be on the topic of the first steps to take or next steps during/after a BPD Relationship Breakup. A look at what are the common obstacles to doing what you know you need to do? What fears are holding you back?

I have been working with clients for over 30 years, and continue to in one-on-one sessions, in all aspects of trauma recovery within a humanistic psychological understanding of trauma that isn’t label or diagnosis specific. While any “Label’ or diagnosis you may have we definitely won’t ignore, it is not the central focus because to varying degrees it’s not the label, it’s your human context woundedness that you need to heal and recover from.

MasterClasses will be me sharing information on Borderline Personality for Ex’s or Loved Ones as well as in separate MasterClasses for those with Borderline Personality. I will be answering your questions even more fully than any I’ve answered on Youtube Live Streams. The information and expertise I have about BPD, NPD, Codependency, CPTSD and more comes from over 30 years working with clients, formal education and my own extensive lived experience and recovery.

More details coming soon over-all.

© A.J. Mahari, June 1, 2020 – All rights reserved.