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How I Book Sessions after Your Session(s) Purchase:

I have 31 years experience as a Mental Health Professional  & Trauma Recovery Coach. 

Session Packages

Areas A.J. Mahari Specializes In

Please Note: All scheduled sessions (after purchase) will be in Eastern Time and you will need to calculate that to your own time zone. Thank You!.

Canadian Citizens Living in Canada: Please contact me (by using the Contact button – main menu) to arrange to make your session(s) purchase in CDN funds 

Please Note: That while I will strive to respond to you as soon as I have openings after notification of your session(s) purchase. I will reply to schedule your session or sessions within 3 days. I do my utmost best to reply as soon as I possibly can to get your session (or first session) scheduled. Some sessions can be scheduled fairly quickly. Availability varies, but, I am taking new clients. The initial response to schedule your session(s) will ask you about time, day, time zone etc. toward scheduling as well as for information on your personal goals. I also have some sliding scale fees (wait list time varies for these as well – contact me for more information). Due to not only my schedule but yours, the time it takes to have your session with me may vary. As soon as your first session is scheduled and continuing or other sessions purchased will be scheduled at the end of each session and will be very timely.

I have been working with clients online for since 1995 and in person since 1990 in my local area. I am a Counsellor as well as Trauma Recovery Specialist (Note: I must use the term “Coach” outside of Ontario) and I have all these years of experience specializing in BPD Relationship Breakup Recovery for those who are non-borderline Ex’s, whether codependent or not, Codependency Recovery, Narcissistic Abuse recovery and healing and recovery from any and all relationship types with someone with BPD or NPD. I also work with clients with BPD or Low-range NPD. When working with clients outside of my local area, any Counselor (therapist) has to use the “title” of Coach. I also work with clients with CPTSD and other issues.

Canadian Citizens Living in Canada: Please contact me (by using the Contact button – main menu) to make arrangement for your session(s) purchase in CDN funds 

Session Packages

Each session is 50 minutes in length and all sessions are non-refundable. You will be emailed upon purchase of a session or sessions to schedule within 2-3 days of your purchase and when my next openings are. Sessions cannot be scheduled until purchased. Sessions purchased in any package are can not be scheduled together, they are not concurrent, & will be scheduled one at a time.

Book/Scheduled Sessions changes notification 48 hours for any booked purchased session or the session will be forfeited.