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How I Book Sessions after Your Session(s) Purchase:

You can read about and purchases sessions on this page. The PayPal buttons are menus with different numbers of sessions you can choose. Or you can purchase 1 single session. Please feel free to email with any questions you might have. Once you purchase a session or sessions, I will be notified and I will strive to respond to you within 2-5 days via email to schedule your session and get more information from you. Please make sure that your PayPal email address is the one you use or include any other email you would like me to email you at to book your session or sessions. You can purchase a 55 Minute session or bundles of them. You can purchase 1, 2, or 4, 90 minute session(s) not concurrent. 

Please Note: That while I will strive to respond to you within 48 hours of notification of your session(s) purchase. As of October 2020 please know that it may take me anywhere from 2 -3 days to as much as 5 days to email to schedule your session due to my busy schedule. I do my utmost best to reply as soon as I possibly can to get your session (or first session) scheduled. Some sessions can be scheduled fairly quickly. Availability varies, but, A.J. is taking new clients. The initial response to schedule your session(s) will ask you about time, day, time zone etc. toward scheduling as well as for information on your personal goals. I also have some sliding scale fees (wait list time varies for these as well – contact me for more information). Due to not only my schedule but yours, the time it takes to have your session with me may vary.

I have been working with clients online since 1995 and in person since 1990 in my local area. I am a Counsellor as well as a Codependency Recovery Coach, Trauma Recovery Specialist and a NonBP & BPD Recovery Coach. I also work extensively with people after a Cluster B Relationship Breakup or needing help with an on-going relationship. When working with clients outside of my local area, any Counselor (therapist) has to use the “title” of Coach. I work with couples together but most often each person in the relationship separately. I work with family members of those with BPD/NPD and Adult Children or any other relationship type with someone with BPD or NPD.

Canadian Clients Living in Canada:
please contact me for pricing in CAD before purchasing a session

55 Minute Sessions

Session Bundles

90 Minute Sessions

90 Min Sessions with A.J.

Please Note: All Sessions are 55 or 90 minutes in length (depending on your purchase choice) and are non-refundable. You will be emailed upon purchase a session or sessions to schedule within 2-3 to 5 days of your purchase and when my next openings are. Sessions cannot be scheduled until purchased.

Sessions you need to change or cancel after scheduled  require notification 48 hours in advance or the session will be forfeited.

  • You can purchase a session or sessions using the PayPal Menu of Sessions just above or below.
  • Each session is 55 minutes in length with the exception of purchased 90 minute sessions.
  • Each individual session rate is $120 USD per hour (except CDN for Canadians living in Canada – contact me please)
  • Should you want to continue longer than 60 minutes (as my schedule permits) any extra time bills at my hourly rate
  • There are a limited number of sliding scale fee sessions available. If that would be something you would need please contact me using this site’s contact form. (Please Note – Rarely, but at times there can be a short waiting list for sliding scale fee sessions)
  • Sessions are arranged by email after purchase. A.J. will email you upon notification of your session(s) payment.
  • Payments are due in American (USD) Funds when using any of our PayPal Buttons. This can be paid via a PayPal account or a Credit Card via PayPal – we do not accept E-cheques.
  • If you live in Canada, please, before you purchase any session or sessions, contact me using the contact form on this website and I will gladly invoice you in Canadian Dollars – For Canadians Only
  • Sessions can take place via Zoom anywhere in the world as long as you speak English
  • In Continental North American only, you also have the options to have your session(s) via telephone or Zoom.


Areas in which I specialize in working with clients

How I Work With Clients

Refund Policy– All sessions are non-refundable. Please read this policy with regard to a need to reschedule and the time ahead this must be done barring an actual emergency or you could forfeit a session. This policy also applies to all Video, Audio Programs or Ebooks purchased from Phoenix Rising Publications, Touchstone Life Coaching or AJM Counselling and Coaching or A.J. Mahari Counselling and Coaching.Policy Specific To Sessions Under “Touchstone Life Coaching” which also applies to the above mentioned entities also owned and operated by A.J. Mahari.Terms of Use of Website Agreementwhich for the purposes of session(s) purchase(s) applies to any transaction from this website as well.Copyright Noticewhich applies to this website regarding sessions. Privacy Policy which applies to this website as well. Though there is no information collected about you on this website by or A.J. Mahari.

55 Minute Session(s)

Session Bundles

90 Minute Session(s)

90 Min Sessions with A.J.