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As has been suggested by many watchers and subscribers to my YouTube Channel I am putting up a link here, where if you want to, as a way of showing your gratitude for all the otherwise free information I continue to provide on my Youtube channel, your donation would be greatly appreciated and help me to make more time too make more videos consistently that will be of help and education to you. There is no obligation, what so ever to make a donation. I had to set up this page because the “make a donation” button that YouTube provides is only available in certain countries, and Canada, where I am from and live is not one of those countries.

If you’d like to make a donation please do so by using the button below:

Thank you very much,
A.J. Mahari

Along with the focus of my Youtube Channel I will be adding commentary videos that will often be related to Cluster B personality disorders, psychiatry, what is behind so many different theories of the cause of personality disorders and other mental health issues. This along with commentary on other issues as they occur in the world and do effect us all. I also just might get all philosophically motivational at times in commentary too. Topics may include, boundaries, day to day life in this age, technology – the positive and the negatives, how to relax and de-stress and even get better sleep in a world that sometimes seems headed for self-destruction and what can you do in your life to cope with just life and all that brings up for many of us. So much more really. But I will not lose my main focus on both sides of Cluster B personality disorders and those who are in or just beginning their recovery from Narcissistic Abuse.