BPD, NPD, Socio/Psychopath Abuse Recovery

A.J. Mahari shares her expertise and personal life experience recovering from the abuse of her NPD/BPD parents/family. Information and in depth understanding for those who were raised in an with an NPD and/or Sociopathic/Psychopathic parent or in such a Personality Disordered family system and the challenging process of recovery from Pathological Love Relationships - how to heal after loving a psychopath in adult relationships.

Out of the Box

Thinking inside the box, whether you know it or not leads people to be stuck, blocked, not growing or healing or accomplishing goals or desired change. There are countless ways you can learn what it means generally, and even more significantly, for you to learn to live outside the box in all areas of your life. Be an authentic individual. Be fully yourself. Open to so much more that awaits your discovery.