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Brainspotting can be comfortably and effectively done online from the comfort of your home, home office or office. As the picture above shows all you need is a willingness to want to heal, to identify and emotional dysregulation, or activated emotions that cause stress or distress in your life. Emotions that might be associated or directly related to what you went through in a BPD Relationship and Breakup – trauma experienced in the relationship and during and after the Breakup. Rumination is often an issue and very painful. The way A.J. Mahari works with her clients in Brainspotting your most ruminated upon thoughts can be used to feel the activation points in your body and identify, process, and release them by focusing on your eye positions and in what eye position or positions you feel the activation most strongly.

A.J. Mahari also uses the Brainspotting process to help in inner child adverse experience or traumatic experience identification, processing, and releasing. Your body holds trauma as well as your emotional landscape. Brainspotting is a focused mindfulness to where that trauma sits in your body.

A.J. Mahari also uses Brainspotting with any clients that are the adult child of a Borderline or Narcissistic parent in identifying, processing, and releasing family of origin trauma as well.

Brainspotting locates points in the client’s visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. Brainspotting was discovered in 2003 by David Grand Ph.D.  “Where you look affects how you feel.” It is the brain activity, especially in the subcortical brain that organizes itself around that eye position.

Brainspotting helps clients to access trauma stored in subcortical brain by clients using their eyes to follow a pointer and this process is very much supported by a focused mindfulness to the body and to where in one’s visual field body sensations can be identified and felt. Brainspotting is very effective and can be done online.

Much more information coming very soon including Brainspotting session(s) cost.

In the meantime, if you are interested in working with A.J. Mahari via Brainspotting please email using the contact form on this website for more details.

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