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A.J. Mahari has 31 years of experience and has worked with thousands of clients as a Counsellor and Trauma Recovery Coach. A.J. Mahari is also working with anyone who is having anxiety or any other difficulties coping in life or due the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many people are being impacted by self-isolation, social distancing, and all the changes and restrictions that there are to cope with now. A.J. is also a general Life Coach. The term “Coach” must be used outside of Ontario Canada

Session Packages

Each session is 50 minutes in length and all sessions are
non-refundable. You will be emailed upon purchase of a session or sessions to schedule within 2-3 days of your purchase and when my next openings are. Sessions cannot be scheduled until purchased. Sessions purchased in any package are can not be scheduled together, they are not concurrent, but will be scheduled one at a time.

Sessions changes notification 48 hours for any booked purchased session or the session will be forfeited.

Scroll Down to See What I specialize in with Clients and have for 31 years:

Quick Links For Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

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A.J. Specializes In:

How I Work With Clients

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A.J.’s Youtube Channel

Below all that I specialize in please see quick links to many relevant blog posts of mine on this site at the bottom of this page”:

    • Borderline Personality Relationship Breakups – Healing from BPD Abuse & Breaking the Trauma Bond
    • Codependency Recovery – Inner Child Healing, Family of Origin & Self Differentiation
    • Ending Ruminating Thoughts
    • Going Full No Contact – Coping with this and/or Low Contact when children are involved
    • Breaking the Trauma Bond
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD 
    • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
    • Complex Post Traumatic Stress C-PTSD Recovery
    • Validation and Support to Help You Gain Strength and See A Way Forward
    • Cyber-Bullying – Bullying in Real Life
    • Anxiety Reduction to find needed coping right now
    • The Art and Practice of Asking The Key Questions that Lead to Answers Within
    • Self-Directed – Self-Validation, Mindfulness & Radical Acceptance
    • Understanding and processing grief, loss, effects of abuse – how to cope with depression
    • Depression – anger turned inward – how to cope with anger in healthy healing ways
    • Focus on Yourself and Healing and not on the Narcissist
    • Awakening to Your Own Healing – Building Resilience
    • Coping with any Cluster B that you, for whatever reason, cannot be (currently) no contact with.
    • Toxic Relationship Recovery
    • Love Addiction Recovery
    • Life Story Coaching – New Narrative – Brain Rewiring
    • Ending The Comparative Narrative
    • Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Focus – Heal Your Pain
    • Detaching from Emotional Reactivity
    • Inner Child Healing – Family of Origin Healing & Self Differentiation
    • Self-Care
    • Mindfulness Practice and application in healing
    • Meditation
    • Reducing Stress
    • Boundary Setting
    • Finding/Reclaiming Self and Knowing Self
    • Unresolved Childhood Pain or Abandonment or Betrayal
    • Assertiveness Training
    • Cluster B Proofing
    • Sexual Abuse Recovery
    • Golden Child/Scapegoat Recovery
    • Personal Growth & Development
    • Self-Esteem & Self Worth Building
    • Childhood Attachment Trauma Recovery
    • Emotional & Self Mastery
    • Goal Setting and Achievement
    • Borderline Personality Disorder Recovery

How I Work With Clients

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