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Embracing Individual Differences: Each person is firstly an individual. How do you become more fully aware of yourself, your limits and your boundaries in ways that help you be more aware of others in the end? The more we embrace our individual differences and have self-respect and no judgment for them the more we can then extend this acceptance and non-judgment to others.

The Psychology of Your Quest: The psychology of every individual’s quest has its own individual make-up. Getting to know you, personally, and working with you one on one is the process through which I can help support your clarifying the psychology of your quest. What is your quest? What are you lacking? What do you need? What are you holding on to that is blocking you? I help you identify that and express it, grieve it, re-frame it, put it into and here and now context, radically accepting mindfully what was and letting go of the bloacking, painful, negative energy.

My approach in the process of working with each client is a humanistic model of positive psychology in action. I am a compassionate, caring, listener. I will relate to you. I encourage my clients to feel equal and not “less than”. We can work together from a place of shared human experience. To do this we do not hae to have had the exact same experience. I am a down-to-earth person without pretense who will help you unfold your journey as you see fit.

Accepting Our Connection To The Macrosism of Humanity:

Honouring the Human Context of whatever is challenging you: I refuse to pathologize my clients.
Thinking inside the box, whether you know it or not leads people to be stuck, blocked, not growing or healing or accomplishing goals or desired change.

There are countless ways you can learn what it means generally, and even more significantly, for you to learn to live outside the box in all areas of your life. Be an authentic individual. Be fully yourself. Open to so much more that awaits your discovery.

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