The Husband of a Borderline’s Dilemma – The Relationship is over but it can’t be over – yet

What is a husband of to do when he feels that, for the sake of his relationship with his children and for their well-being he cannot leave his relationship with a wife that has Borderline Personality Disorder? While it is easy for anyone to say, hey, if your relationship is over, just get out, the truth is that there are many situations involving children, particularily, where things just aren’t that cut and dry.

The Legacy of Toxic Relationships

It is in and through the dynamic of toxic unhealthy relating and relationships that The Personality Disordered and The Non Personality Disordered Interconnect and Suffer
Toxic relationships seem to be pervasive to the point where healthy relationships are in the minority. Toxic relationships are proliferating and have been doing so for the better part of the last few decades.
Toxic relationships are the coming together of adults, who carry wounded children deep inside of them, and who were raised in dysfunctional families that by their very nature are also toxic.
Toxic relationships are battle-grounds mistaken for what is thought of as “love” in which the personality-disordered and the non-personality disordered come together, intersect, interconnect and increase each other’s pain and suffering no matter how hard they try to make things work. (sometimes both parties in a toxic relationship are in fact personality-disordered)