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BPD or NPD Breakups Zoom Group Q&A and Workshops with A.J. Mahari and also on the topics of CPTSD and Codependency Recovery.

Each Group Zoom will be 1 hour if 4 or less on the call or 2 hours when there are 8 or  more people on the call.

For cost, dates, times and much more information please check back soon! in the meantime, if you are interested please use the link below to contact me and let me know what you would like to see discussed and/or a workshop with Q&A address. I will also take Q&A’s in each workshop format zoom call. They won’t all be that format. Please share your feedback, if you are interested.

Please Note: Group Zoom Calls and Q&A will be more personal than in videos or podcasts but not the same as one-to-one sessions can provide.

Sessions with A.J. Mahari

Availability can be checked on my website calendar at the link above. If you need a session sooner than you can find on my calendar please email via my Contact Page and at times I can fit people in.