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Life Coach, BPD (and Loved Ones) Coach and Peer-Therapist, A.J. Mahari, talks about how you can answer the nagging questions about whether or not you or a loved one of yours may have Borderline Personality in this 66 minute audio.

Mahari talks about her own approach from her own expertise in understanding what Borderline Personality Disorder is often thought to be, how it is pathologized, how psychiatrists have check-lists that mean a lot of people with BPD (high-functioning people) aren't getting the diagnosis they need to be able to understand what they need to learn more about and become more aware about so that they can heal.

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Mahari has a new-age and creative positive psychology approach to what BPD really is that she knows makes sense because she had BPD, diagnosed at the age of 18, a few months before her 19th birthday – how life was in the past up to that time in her life, and why, and then from her ensuing recovery process which was successfully completed when A.J. recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder in 1995.




How To Know If You Have Borderline Personality (of if a loved one does)