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If the challenges of everyday life are increasing your stress levels, you will benefit by learning to let that stress go. Holding onto your stress compounds it. Nurturing self-care can help you to de-stress before you end up carrying around unbearable anxiety, worry, and stress. Don’t allow stress and worries to rob you of the peace and calm you need and deserve.

Follow these easy strategies to help you banish daily worries and stress:

1. Ask for help. If you’re constantly running on empty, your mind, body, and soul will suffer the repercussions. There is no shame in asking for a helping hand. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get support from a spouse, coworker, friend, or family member..

If your mounting responsibilities are barely allowing you the necessary time to eat and sleep, you may have too much on your plate. Streamline your responsibilities by not over-loading your schedule.

2. Set aside time for yourself. What do you enjoy doing? Knitting, relaxing in a bubble bath, drawing, lounging in bed watching television, music, movies, reading a good book, taking a nap, meditating, listening to a relaxation audio? Indulge yourself in your favorite downtime activity a few times each week. Schedule this time for yourself. Make an appointment with yourself if necessary.

Refrain from feeling selfish for taking time for yourself. Taking an hour or two to de-stress will protect your health and help you re-charge your energy.

3. Socialize if it re-charges you. Making time for socializing with friends and family is a vital aspect of managing your stress levels. Friends and family make you laugh and provides you with a shoulder to lean on. This, in itself, will deplete your stress levels exponentially.

Stress is on the increase. It can be effectively managed if you are willing to put your sanity first. If you are willing to not avoid your own self-care and self-interest – your needs you can stay on top of any mounting stress by t;aking time to nurture yourself and practice the self-care that you deserve.

© A.J. Mahari, March 2011 – All rights reserved.

3 Ways To De-Stress