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I have been working with clients with BPD for 20 years now. If you have Borderline Personality and you would like to work on that and recover from that online, via Skype, in North American, choice of Skype or via phone sessions from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience, please check what I have to offer at:

Phoenix Rising Publications or you can book a session or more and purchase them via the PayPal Drop Down Menu above. If you are a loved one of someone with BPD please check the same link above or you can also purchase session(s) using the drop down PayPal menu above.

Many people that I am currently working with as clients, and thousands I’ve worked with over the last 2o years of mostly all said one astonishing thing to me as we begin sessions together:

“There is no help in my community.” “I can’t find a therapist or anyone like you to help me, I’m so glad I found you!”

While there are many people providing therapy, counselling, coaching, around the world in so many areas, still, too many people with BPD do not trust most of them. They do not feel heard. They do not feel that these people they’ve worked with truly understand. They know I understand and get it and  know how to help people recover because I  was once where they are now, feeling as they do now, when I had BPD, which I fully recovered from 20 years ag0 (at time of this post) in 1995.

Some clients do find helpful programs and Counsellors but still want to be more understood and often work with me while seeing someone else at the same time (known to other professional).

For as many skilled professionals that work with those with Borderline Personality, there are still too many who systemically judge and buy into all the stigma (which is far from true in so many cases). Psychiatry is all about prescribing dangerous psychiatric drugs that they have no proof or even understanding how they work or if, in fact, they work at all. Psychiatric medication is not the answer in recovery from Borderline Personality.

I believe, as someone who has been where you might well be right now, that I can help you. I can relate to you. I can help you to recover as I was helped to recover.

I use various different treatment modalities. I individually tailor modalities and materials to each individual client.

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