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Narcissistic abuse victims or survivors commonly experience many defences – I include 10 that are one path or common experience as each victim who will become a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse first is ambivalent and avoids the pain and anger and a myriad of emotions in the Defences or Inhibitory Emotions sections of the Change Triangle.

The one path that leads to recovery must be consciously chosen and followed when one is ready and it involves working through the two corners of the change triangle to work toward, with professional help, one’s core emotions and processing them along with processing the trauma and learning skills and coping tools to achieve a deep and lasting healing and what that healing looks like and means.


I work with clients to help guide them through this recovery from Narcissistic and/or other Cluster B abuse with 24 years experience and I, myself, am a thriver after my own personal life experiences with being abused by two Narcissist parents and a partner (years ago) with BPD/NPD who was also an alcoholic.

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Narcissistic Abuse: Two Paths – Only One is the Way To Healing & Recovery