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A.J. Mahari has 32 years experience in specialized session work with clients who need to heal from BPD or NPD abusive relationships. A.J. Mahari has a 12 Step Heal From BPD and NPD Abuse methodology used in her Cluster B Abuse Recovery Coaching

There aren’t just 1 or 2 or 4 steps (etc) to heal from BPD abuse or Narcissistic abuse at all. To truly heal and recover the process involves 12 steps that A.J. Mahari has pioneered from her 3 decades plus experience in helping others heal whether you have Codependency or Counter Dependency.

The first step is to decide, if A.J. is a good fit for you to work with, the second step to getting to her 12 step healing and recovery process is booking a session or sessions to get into the work and process that will help you heal.

A.J. Mahari has walked in your shoes. She has lived experience as a child, then adult child of a BPD/NPD Mother (Covert Narcissist) and an NPD/ASPD Father. A.J. can also provide unique insight into the inner-workings of BPD as someone who fully recovered from the label (was never assessed for the diagnosis but labelled and likely met 4 traits of BPD) and as someone who does understand and can now explain in depth the mechanisms of Borderline behaviour that most confuse and fuel the denial (often Codependent Denial) of each person when a BPD relationship (often) ends abruptly.


Heal From BPD NPD Abuse