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Borderline Abuse & Victim Narrative Meets Wokeist Idelology – What’s Next “Borderline Phobic?”

A person (male) with BPD commented abusively on this channel. When I deleted the comment, this person with BPD felt entitled to continue an ad hominem “conversation” that would be them borderline right fighting, his abuse and harassment. But, hey, what THEY do is “all-right” by them as they lack any conceptual understanding of personal responsibility.

This person with BPD took 18 seconds of a video I did (5 months ago) took those 18 seconds personally, got triggered, and well, just like for so many of you in inter-personal relationship to a person with BPD – there’s no possibility of a two-way conversation.

This person with BPD – commenter and emailer – combines their Ad hominem with so much projection, the abusive BPD victim narrative that has now met with wokist ideology. Aren’t people with BPD so “clever” while they miss the point of their right-fighting abusive behavior in “attempts” to do what, exactly? This person with BPD acted so BORDERLINE. Wow, imagine that! 🙂

Borderline Abuse & Victim Narrative Meets Wokeist Ideology