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Information on BPD and BPD Recovery (for easier navigation – there is more on this site)

November 21, 2019     Have BPD? Transference in Therapy – What You Need To Know

October 14, 2019          BPD – Triggers – Gateway to Recovery


More coming here soon from A.J. Mahari – please check back. There will be more posts for those with “BPD” coming soon on this site. I am going to be starting a new podcast on BPD for those with BPD. If you have questions you’d like to ask me please use the contact link above and send them to me. Questions or topics that you’d like me to talk about in videos or on the podcast. I am not only a Mental Health professional and BPD Recovery Coach, I recovered fully from BPD in 1995. I know, what you are going through. I have been there. Mind you, I had BPD without any other co-morbid diagnoses.

I talk a lot on my main Youtube Channel about what happens for some loved ones of many with BPD which is not to say that is all people with BPD. I really want to focus on helping people with BPD much more again and so I’m trying to see if there is interest and to keep things more separate.

Borderline Personality Disorder is not the pathological “mental illness” that psychiatry says it is. It is a response to trauma and to abandonment and insecure attachment (perceived or actual). If you believe the increasingly stigmatizing and pathologizing ideology of Psychiatry – it is not proven science. It is not a “biological” or “neurological” “brain disorder”. Trauma changes the brain in any stage of life but especially in childhood. Through Neuroplasticity it is known that recovery from BPD can and does happen and it also changes the brain.

BPD and Autism Spectrum “Disorders” (ASD) are NOT THE SAME THING! They can co-exists in people, and are often missed in women diagnosed with BPD. I have recovered from BPD and still have Asperger’s but even that I have made some amazing helpful growth around in my life.

To see new videos I will be doing about BPD for those with BPD please watch for them on a different Youtube Channel from my Main one here: (Coming soon)

Videos Coming Soon Also, if you’ve like to use my contact form to email me and you have BPD and you would like to talk about it with me in a private live stream – I will facilitate that on my unused second channel.


A.J. Mahari’s Videos for People with BPD – this PLAYLIST is me talking about BPD for people with BPD:

Some older videos I’ve done about BPD for those diagnosed with it and believing or needing to learn to believe in their own ability to recover. Please note in some of these videos 7-10 years old now – not all the websites listed in the videos are active.

Active Website of mine include:
BPD Inside Out
2nd BPD Blog
Ebooks & Audios for BPD
Newer Online Store New stuff coming but everything I have on BPD for people with BPD is at Phoenix Rising Publications site (purchase products) Other sites above are blogs.