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For many with Borderline Personality working hard in therapy and building trust with a therapist is not an easy journey or process. To then, when you trust enough, to get to transference, where a therapist needs to meet you with your best interests as a priority and not be defensive or dismissive – re-traumatizing, invalidating and abandoning, a as happened to a person who commented on a Youtube video of mine happened to them.

Any therapist who specializes with skill and knowledge in the treatment of people with Borderline Personality should well know that transference in therapy is a very central and important part of the recovery process and that as I know, the therapists role is to be a safe container for the client’s transference and to work with a client to help them gain awareness, grow, and keep working toward recovery. Transference is not a boundary-cross in a therapeutic process.

If you have had, or ever do have a therapist that, for whatever reasons, is not able to meet you in your transference appropriately and know what they are doing, please don’t give up on or blame yourself.

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Have BPD? Transference in Therapy – What You Need To Know