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My Up-coming Memoir about My Life with Borderline Personality Disorder and my Recovery From It

I am currently writing a memoir about my recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. In this memoir I will be sharing relevant experiences from my life, from childhood through to adulthood, from the making of me – the borderline, to the healing of me – the now non borderline – therapy experiences and lessons – authentic self found – no longer borderline. I will also outline and identify the stages of my recovery and talk about what recovery is, looks like, how it I define it and what it means.

It has been an incredible journey for me thus far. I think that my memoir will be a valuable and hopefully inspiring, maybe even helpful read for both those who have Borderline Personality Disorder and those who love or care (or who have loved or cared about) someone with BPD.

I believe that the universal themed main messages of my memoir may well be of help and inspiration to any reader with any challenge. One does not have to be directly associated with BPD to relate to my story of recovery and triumph over adversity. Each one of us faces adversity, at times, in our lives that truly isn’t, in many ways, that different from my experience. Above and beyond the details of life experience there is truly is the universal ways in which we are all inter-connected and in which we have more in common than we often pay attention to.

Phoenix Rising Publication

You can stay up-dated about when my memoir will be available for purchase and read up-coming excerpts by going to: where I will have a video up with some more information about my memoir and why I am writing it.

I hope that you will check my website for excerpts and videos about my memoir and put your name on the list for notification as to when it will be available.

From a friend of A.J. Mahari’s:

“A.J. Mahari’s up-coming memoir about her recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder, like everything that A.J. writes, will feature her most insightful and wise honesty. A.J. will not pull punches in the telling of her story. She will lay it all out for the reader. Mahari’s unique voice as a woman who had 2 parents with BPD, as woman who had BPD, as a woman who has recovered from BPD, and as a woman who had a relationship six years after her recovery from BPD with someone with BPD, and subsequently as a woman now living her life in what is commonly referred to as the “non borderline” role will touch and inspire you.

A.J. Mahari took the lemons of her life experience and her own choices as she freely admits in her memoir that were the foundation of so much of her painful and seemingly purposeless (at the time)journey and definitely made them into a most inspiring and educational lemonade. A rich brand of lemonade made up of incredible healing and recovery through her learning so many of life’s challenging lessons on the road to her recovery. A lemonade that sustains her today. A lemonade that more than just a metaphor is a attitude of gratitude Mahari chose to live from and that she continues to nurture in her life to this day.”  — J.T. Brewster



A.J.’s Memoir About Her Life with BPD and Recovery From BPD