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Learning versus Protection in Borderline Personality Disorder is the second video in author, speaker, life coach and strategist, A.J. Mahari’s Online BPD Awareness Initiative – Video Podcast. Mahari addresses the challenge for those with BPD in finding out what they need to learn in order to find their way to the kind of awareness that needed in order to get on the road to recovery.

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In up-coming parts of her Online Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Initiative A.J. Mahari will be speaking about the need for increased awareness about BPD for those with someone with BPD in their lives as well as for society in general. Mahari felt it most important to begin in the first few episodes of this BPD Awareness Initiative with videos that may help those with BPD to think more about what awareness and how increased awareness could really help them.

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Learning versus Protection in Borderline Personality Disorder