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BPD Online Awareness Initiative of A.J. Mahari, author, speak, life coach and strategist. Mahari talks about her reasons for pursuing this venue online to increase awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder, firstly for those who have it, secondly for loved ones, family members, and relationship partners and thirdly, she will also address, in up-coming videos, more about what she believes is most important for anyone interested in BPD for any reason to understand more about.

  • Finding Hope From the Polarized Reality of BPD
  • Preparing For Recovery From BPD
  • Emotion Dysregulation in BPD
  • The Shame of Abandonment in BPD
  • From False Self To Authentic Self In BPD – Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child
  • Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze – Recovery For Nons
  • Overcoming Denial About BPD and Love – Nons
  • The Puzzle and Mystery of Hope on the Other Side of BPD – Nons

  •        LIFE COACHING With A.J. Mahari

    Mahari is a firm believer that her BPD Awareness Online Initiative gives her a lot more opportunity to continue to bring to you her indepth, multifaceted, and profound exploration and explanation from the inside out about something she has extensive life experience with – BPD, recovering from it and being on both sides of it.

    © A.J. Mahari, February 4, 2009 – All video content © A.J. Mahari – all rights reserved.

    A.J. Mahari BPD Awareness Online – Multifaceted and Indepth