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Self help for managing the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in the experienced practice of life coach and strategist A.J. Mahari offers those with BPD the opportunity to gain an increasing awareness validated and supported by A.J. Mahari's eclectic, dynamic, and compassionate approach to life coaching those with Borderline Personality Disorder.

A.J. Mahari has been recovered now for 14 years. Mahari has not merely recovered from the symptoms of BPD – she has recovered from BPD entirely. She has been online writing articles, ebooks, audio programs (and being the speaker in those programs as well) and doing video and audio podcasts now for 14 years as well. Mahari has been life coaching those with BPD and their loved ones, family members, and relationship partners for 6 years now. That's a lot of experience!

Mahari offers support for those with Borderline Personality Disorder who are ready to begin to explore how they can help themselves change their suffering into manageable pain. Support for recovery and healing from BPD that is multifaceted and tailored to the needs and goals of each individual client.

Audio Programs For Loved Ones of those with BPD © A.J. Mahari

Mahari not only can help explain the language of Borderline Personality Disorder, a language that is a pervasively emotional one, to those with BPD and to their loved ones, but she can also understand the dilemmas that loved ones are grappling with because she has been there too. Mahari's parents both had BPD. She has also had a relationship with someone who had BPD/NPD. She doesn't just know the language of those with BPD, because she had BPD, she also knows the confusion, pain, heartache, and need for understanding on the other side of BPD from first hand life experience.

Self help for managing the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder cannot take the place of therapy but it can, and in Mahari's life coaching it does, augment the process of therapy. A.J. Mahari offers her life coaching clients an unparalleled 360 degree full circle understanding of BPD and all of its challenges and complexities.

A.J. Mahari's life coaching has helped and continues to help her clients change their lives. Mahari is a compassionate and supportive life coach. A very knowledgeable and incredibly aware force for change in the lives of those she coaches.

      LIFE COACHING With A.J. Mahari

Just read what a few of her many clients have to say:

"A.J. has been so helpful to me as a life coach. She understands so much about BPD. She understands so much about me. In working with A.J. over the last few months I have really found myself in a much more even and calmer emotional place. My relationships are getting better. I am relating better. I am more able to listen to what people are actually saying than I've ever been able to before. A.J.'s compassion has reached me in a way that no one else in my life ever has. We continue on the journey but I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without A.J.'s continued support and guidance." — Timothy Tanner

"A.J. is such a powerful teacher. Sometimes, in our sessions, it isn't even what she says that teaches me so much. I have come to realize it is just as often what she doesn't say as what she does say. I find that amazing. A.J. is a gifted woman. A very wise woman. A very compassionate woman. You may know that from reading her work online or from watching her videos or listening to her audios but when you work with her as a life coach all of what you see and hear from her online is multiplied to the positive 10 times over. I can't even describe it. My life is changing. I am changing. I am learning to connect to myself in ways I never thought possible before. It is that connection, so fostered and supported by A.J. as my life coach, that is helping me to finally learn how to really connect with others. I am so grateful and so glad I have A.J. as my life coach." — Meagan S.

"I did a lot of searching online for a life coach before I decided to give A.J. Mahari a try. I choose to work with A.J. – try her out as I said, at first, because she has been around for a lot of years. She has a proven track record as someone who has been recovered for over a decade. She's solid in her recovery. All I had to do was read her articles, ebooks, watch some videos, it was all there – it is all there for anyone with BPD (or someone who has someone with BPD in their life) to see. A.J. Mahari is the real deal. It was only a try at first. That's all I was prepared to do. I wasn't sure that I trusted the whole concept of a life coach. Little by little I began to open to up as I realized how much A.J. was there for me and how much she cared to help me to help myself. And that's the key thing here, for me, in working with A.J. Mahari as my life coach, as much as she knows and I know she knows a lot, she is helping me to find my own way. She is helping me to really help myself. It is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had." — J.W.Z.

"I am a much improved human being emotionally since working with A.J. Mahari has my life coach. I still have BPD but I am, as she says, making my way down that road to recovery. It only took 2 session with A.J. to really start to see the possibility of making changes to make my life better. Another few sessions later that possibility was reality. It was happening. It continues to happen. I am really changing, finally. And, I know that I am the one doing the changing. A.J. is so clear about empowering me to help me and as she says all the time, it's my journey, I'm in charge of it and A.J. is just my mirror. What an incredible mirror and mentor she is." — Rosanna R.

      LIFE COACHING With A.J. Mahari

If you have BPD and you would like to read more about A.J. Mahari's Life Coaching because you are wanting to help yourself (whether you are in therapy too or not) please do visit her website at: 

You can also check out her Video Podcast, her Audio PodcastEbooks, Audio Programs, and/or her Video Lectures as well as her videos on YouTube.

A.J. Mahari also life coaches family members, loved ones, relationship or ex-relationship partners of those with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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