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Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder is possible. BPD is treatable. Yet stigma remains a major obstacle to this recovery for many in different parts of the world. Stigma is still prevalent in 2009. Why?

Even with new studies, some would say, new understanding of many aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD remains stigmatized and awareness continues to be lacking. And this is despite the treatments that are now touted as being successful for many with BPD. Treatment, however, that many others with BPD are still struggling to be able to access.

Many more books written by professionals are forwarding compassion and support for the treatability of Borderline Personality Disorder. Why then you might wonder do I say it is still stigmatized? I say this because despite major progress in some areas, particularly the United States, there are still too many therapists who are telling clients that BPD is not treatable and that they can't get better. There are therapists who do not want to put the label of BPD on someone and what does that mean if not the reality of remaining stigma?

In a lecture given to a group of people with Borderline Personality Disorder, author, speaker, life coach and strategist, A.J. Mahari, talked about BPD Recovery and Stigma that persists, even today. This video (above) is  part one of an excerpt from A.J.'s lecture. The video below is part two of this excerpt. You can purchase the entire lecture at Phoenix Rising Publications


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Borderline Personality Disorder Recovery and Stigma – Video Lecture by A.J. Mahari