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BPD Coach and Peer-Therapist, A.J. Mahari, who recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder in 1995, has a new website that focuses on holistic and alternative as well as some aspects of traditional treatment for BPD. Mahari was the child and later the adult-child of 2 Borderline Parents. She is the Ex of person with BPD/NPD that she was in a relationship with and that she ended and then had to recover from as an Ex-Partner of someone with BPD/NPD, years after her recovery. She has been coaching clients since 2000.

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Treatment for Borderline Personality needs to be holistic, can be alternative to traditional psychotherapy or in tandem with it, and need not include dangerous and highly ineffective psychiatric drugs. In fact, it is the psychiatric drugs, not mental illness, that causes a “chemical imbalance” in the brain and that can have other dangerous to lethal side-effects.

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Treatment For Borderline Personality Does Not Mean Psychiatric Meds