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The more you learn about what a toxic relationship is and means, and if you realize you are in one now, have been and afraid you may be again, you really need to find your way to the kind of healing and recovery that will empower you to say NO to toxic people, NO to toxic relationships.

Endings are actually new beginnings. The pain and the grief of letting go of someone who is not healthy for you will give way to so many lessons, in time, especially if you open consciously with the intent to learn what toxic people and toxic relationships have to teach you.

I learned so much that way in my life, some years ago. The point is that I actually learned, I grew, I changed, I withstood and even welcomed the pain of the lessons that led me to the kind of healthy and lasting change that means that I can do (often) just say NO to toxic people or any toxic relationship opportunity (in my personal life).

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Once you learn the lesson(s) you actually need to learn and get it, once you then seek the personal positive healthy change that each person is worthy of and deserves toxic people and relationships in your life can and will become a part of your past.

Letting go doesn’t have to mean regret or shame. Mistakes are growth opportunities. Decide to learn and to grow and to embrace the change you need to make within yourself to say NO to toxic people and toxic relationship along with any kind of toxic relating. Learn to detach, and disengage this relational pattern that is abusive, destructive, negative, and stressful, to say the least.

Just say NO to toxic people, toxic relating, and toxic relationships. You really can learn how to. Set goals and take action in your life. You have control over changing yourself, not anyone else.


More about Toxic Relationships and A.J.’s Coaching

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Say No To Toxic Relationships