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Life Coach, Author, BPD and Mental Health Coach, A.J. Mahari invites you to get beyond the traditional old-school “pathologizing” and stigmatzing ideas about Borderline Personality “Disorder” with an open mind. There is a lot to be gained from thinking outside of the status quo box that is the “medical” or “biological” model that is a pseudo-science attempt on the part of mainstream psychiatry today, particularly in the United States, to explain a diagnostic category that in and of itself, can be questioned in many ways. Borderline Personality is a flawed stereotypical pathologizing of stigma against too many people, too many women, to what end? What happens when we challenge the status quo? We can find a holistic and comprehensive roadmap and process to recovery, that’s what!

There is an inherent capacity to empower yourself when you can open your mind to shifting the paradigm of Borderline Personality away from the pseudo-science “medical” model of biopsychiatry to a more postive-psychology based wellness model of achieving balance and find the dialiectic of the middle-path.

What stands between you, if you have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality, and wellness, is shifting the way you think about what it is that challenges you. I hope that you will join me on this journey of examining the benefits of shifting the paradigm of Borderline Personality in ways that aren’t dependent upon what those with the systemic power and control dictate from a place of a questionable and often (attempted at any rate) hidden agenda.

No one knows you like you do. Open your mind and engage the reality that you can empower yourself with knowledge and awareness and that you do not have to be dependent upon a pathologizing and stigmatizing system of exclusivity that wants you to believe they have the answers you need. They don’t. You do! As a BPD Coach, working with clients with BPD or suspect they may have BPD I help people realize just how much they can grow, change, heal, and recover when they realize that the way Borderline Personality Disorder  has been and is continually being defined by professionals in psychiatry that are not there with your best interests at heart (some yes, many, not at all – it’s about Big Pharma profits).

Being a mental health consumer these days means abandoning psychiatry to a large if not total extent and finding  more natural-thinking, rational-thinking holistic and meaningful ways to first understand what BPD really is and what it really isn’t and secondly how to recover from it. I recovered in 1995 without psychiatric medication (unproven science is all it is). And it is the very medication that psychiatry gives you that produces “chemical imbalances in the brain” – Borderline Personality is not even about that!

If you want to know more about how to re-frame BPD for yourself or a loved one please think about my BPD Coaching or BPD Loved Ones Coaching and check out the Ebooks and Audios I have on many facets of Borderline Personality for those with BPD and for Loved Ones.

Recovery is possible. Is what you are thinking about BPD holding you back? Are you believing the failing profession of psychiatry and biospsychiatry and even further losing yourself or are you willing to look and learn how to thing outside of that box? Recovery happens outside of that box.

© A.J. Mahari and Phoenix Rising Life/BPD Coaching – June 2, 2013 – All rights reserved.

Shifting the Paradigm of Borderline Personality