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The time is long overdue to free Borderline Personality, what it really is, what it really means in people's lives, from the psychiatric systemic pathological model which now includes Biopsychiatry This unproven but oh so pushed theory that Borderline Personality and any and all of what they call mental illness is a brain disorder by the "powers that be" in the dying "profession" of psychiatry needs to be challenged. Not directly, but inside of yourself so that you can find the healing and quality of life that you deserve and that is so possible to do in empowered alternative healing and recovery.

In that model and with the current edition of the DSM 5 we see more and more of the agenda of Big Pharma. The blurring of diagnoses that one could argue don't mean that much to begin with, is the agenda of the "bible" and "profession" of psychiatry now because they want to medicate you. There's money in it for them if they medicate you. There is control in it for the pathologizing and dehumanizing systemic unethical theories of biopychiatry put forth to you as if it is all true.

You, if you have been diagnosed or if you feel you have issue in your life that may fit one of their growing out-of-the-blue defined "mental illnesses" stop and ask yourself, aren't you more than any constellation of traits or issues? Stop to ask yourself, are they listening to me? Do they care about me? Am I more than a diagnosis or set of symptoms to them?



How can the answer you come up with to the above questions be yes? Why would I ask that? Simply because the systemic pathologizing of people as labeled with this or that "mental illness" non of which is truly based upon provable without doubt science, totally forgets about and in fact, ignores, the human and situational context of you, your life experience, and the reasons why you may be in need of help and support.

The question is what kind of help and support is really going to help and support you? Is it Big Pharma Funded biopsychiatry pathologizing and drugging you? Or would it look more like someone who has had and recovered from Borderline Personality (really, whatever that means anymore) and who knows what it feels like from the inside out?
It is beyond time that this black and white massive head game of "mentally ill" "brain disorder" versus "mentally healthy" (notice psychiatry and it's DSM's don't even try to define mental health – heck there's no money, power to abuse, or ego to satisfy in that for them now is there?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how you could benefit from holistic alternative means of help and support? What do you think about the possibility of someone like myself, really listening to you, really hearing you, really understanding you? In my Life Coaching – especially in the area of Mental Health and BPD specifically, there is no dehumanizing pathologizing. There is no "your just another mentally ill person and you always will be type of thinking at all on my part. That's Big Pharma, psychiatry, biopsychiatry territory. I'm sure there are some wonderful mental health professionals out there. However, they are taught to ascribe to this "mental illness" versus mental health black and white way of thinking.


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Ask yourself, how is they "know" so much about "mental illness" and diagnosing you with this, that, and the other thing, and yet they cannot define mental health?

You deserve to explore alternative holistic positive psychology based Mental Health and BPD Coaching that I offer. You deserve to know that you are way more than any issues or problems or "Borderline Personality" diagnosis. For years, many professionals themselves have been scratching their heads wondering what the hell is BPD supposed to really mean anyway.

It is time to look at what they call BPD in a new positive holistic alternative hopeful way and light. A human context model which I bring to Coaching people along with my own experience with what this meant in my life and what recovery from BPD really means and looks like and how to get from feeling like you are so "Mentally Ill" to knowing that you are not as lost or hopeless as they would have you believe you are.

It's time to really think about thinking about BPD much differently. Free yourself from the confines of a stigmatized pathologized systemic diagnosis that really has little to no human relevant context to it. Imagine what it could be like for you to come to understand how you can truly get free of BPD in a compassionate, caring, empathy and validation filled way – that you can come to so much, with a little guidance from me, inside of yourself. Pills aren't the answer. Psychiatry is not the answer. You just need support and validation, among learning some tools and coping skills to learn to turn the suffering from your past into a quality life in the here and now, yes, that means recovery. And recovery is not found in DBT alone. Recovery is not found in medication. Recovery is not found in the invalidation and re-traumatization of a psychiatric systemic pathologizing of you that dehumanizes and stigmatizes you.
Recovery is a multifaceted yes. However, who better than one who has been where you are and who sees through what it all means and why it hurts so much to help you empower your own healing journey?

It's time to take your life back from the grips of Big Pharma and a systemic pathologizging of people that brands them as having "brain disorder" called "mental illness" – that is inhumane, unethical, and for most extremely unproductive in terms of finding your way out of this maze of hurt and pain that you know all too well not because you are some hopeless horrible person who needs pills and can never change – not at all – but rather because you have experienced incredible pain early in life and it has built defenses that helped you survive but that now keep you from knowing who you really are and from living your life the way you really want to.

Free yourself from the confines and the psychiatric systemic pathologizing model of Borderline Personality. The choice really is yours!

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Free Borderline Personality From Psychiatric Systemic Pathological Model