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Narcissistic Personality Disordered people gaslight their love ones and those closest to them in attempts to meet their own narcissistic supply needs. Gaslighting is a method of psychological abuse and it is very confusing and wounding.

All-too-often, so many who have an NPD parent or partner do not recognize the abuse that is narcissistic gaslighting and the very damaging effects if can be having on them.

If you relate to this video, have weak boundaries, and/or have Dependent Personality Disorder or Codependence you need to know that you are very likely to get into a relationship and/or have a parent with a personality disorder.

I work with people with Codependence, from dysfunctional/traumatic family of origin issues providing Counselling and/or Life Coaching when you have a loved one with NPD or BPD


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Gaslighting Abuse of Narcissistic Personality Disorder – For Loved Ones