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Ultimate Truth

There is no need to seek Truth; only stop having views… The ultimate Truth about Extremes is that they are ONE EMPTINESS….”


The vulnerability of youth, of innocence: the frailty of age, of wisdom for these are the two sides to the coin of life. “They are one [full] emptiness.” Herein lies the necessity of living and seeking the views of ultimate truth in the “power of now”.

Slowly and unknowingly a new baby girl is thrust out into a world of absolute unknown. She is born. While slowly and unknowingly in the resultant condition of the harsh winds of winter an old woman is passing thrust beyond all that has been known – she dies. Dies to be re-born? The cycle of an ultimate truth beyond our earthly view.

Two realities, two truths. Each extreme. Yet both empty. The baby girl and the old woman each are unable to seek the truth of what is happening to them. The emptiness lies in the void of knowing. The absence of thought and understood truth – is that emptiness? Or is there an abundance of realized knowing that is the fullness of emptiness in a panoramic view?

Both struggle to breathe, one for the first time and one for the last time. The cycle of life. The opposite ends of which are juxtaposed in an experiential way and still, both, beg the question – what is the Truth?

Is your Truth sought in an effort to fill the empty? Is the ultimate Truth sought to achieve the thrill of what it is to simply be?

One emptiness. Life and death. Is one to fill and the other to empty? What is full? For me the more I can empty myself the fuller I am able to become. To empty oneself is to let go of the seeking of cognitively distorted anti-truth perspectives that usher in the illusion of  control. The illusion of control – it is all you don’t have to lose. You cannot lose what you do not hold. To chase it: to seek it: is to lose yourself in the process. And what, in that loss, can you possibly gain?

A baby is born and an old woman dies. In between life hears their wounded cries. Innocence and wisdom. Views that encircle the reality of emptiness and all that we cannot control. It is only within our ultimate Truth that we will find our own degree of experiencing self and soul authentically whole.

The summer of discontent. The winter of disengagement. In between the fullness of all that we need to empty -as we let it go – we ascend to a higher and higher experience within our own identity.

Toddler learns to crawl. The old lady tumbles and over all the years of her life – she does fall. The child (children) in you and in me, the essence of hope in search of joy, they are the stoically-resilient trees that root our souls to the wonderment of all of the of our ultimate truth’s soul/spirit goals.

Young hope. Old joy. Life’s scope encompasses ultimate Truth; no play toy. Seek self, and inner wealth. Not the cognitive dissonance that align the young against the old, the tired against the exuberant; the summer against the winter; the cycle: the circle against itself, which like a house divided will fall. And, in falling, will be losing the opportunity to spring forth into the splendor of the soul’s epitome of everlasting emptiness made full through its capacity to be.

The vulnerability of youth, of innocence: the frailty of age, of wisdom, one is the water flowing…the other is the fountain, remembered standing for all time and Truth…as it passes from one generation to the other… river, giver of life…water flowing in all of our knowing…the path we walk to our ultimate Truth which has seen our coming and patiently awaits our going.

Young girl – summer. Old woman – winter what matters most there existence or their perspectives? There is a divergent coming together in the ultimate Truth of natures seasons and of all of life’s reasons.

© A.J. Mahari, June 11, 2015 – All rights reserved.

The Seasons Of Ultimate Truth