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In the first episode of my new Podcast, “Pathways To Healing” (I hope you might follow me) largely on everything Cluster B and other relevant information and aspects of healing and recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, I focus on what Complex Post Traumatic Distress (CPTSD) is. What the symptoms are. And why some of what is so traumatically experienced and re-experienced happens.

A.J. Mahari’s New Podcast – “Pathways To Healing”

Narcissistic abuse is so devastating and so painful. So very real. And yet, largely, most, not all, in the Mental Health Profession now so little about it. I wonder, as you might wonder, why is that? Maybe it goes back to the “bible of psychiatry”. It does not include CPTSD. I think that might be something to be grateful for as those of us who know only to well what it is, what it is like to have it, struggle with it, and be wherever each individual with it is. It is not something equated with the pathology of those who have caused it.

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© A.J. Mahari – June 24, 2018

An Overview of Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) What is it? Symptoms of it.