The Core of NPD & the Difference Between Overt & Covert Narcissists

What is at the heart or center of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? This central result of an intra-psychic narcissistic injury also reveals the core difference between overt and covert narcissists. © A.J. Mahari – All rights reserved (except quoted & noted

An Overview of Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) What is it? Symptoms of it.

In the first episode of my new Podcast, “Pathways To Healing” (I hope you might follow me) largely on everything Cluster B and other relevant information and aspects of healing and recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, I focus on what Complex

Why Do Borderlines Often Discuss Their Troubled Pasts Repeatedly?

Those with Borderline Personality Disorder – especially if they aren’t getting treatment – not only often discuss their troubled pasts but they are re-living them more often than not. Troubled aspects of the borderline’s past are triggered in many ways but most commonly and most often through attempts to relate to others. This is the primary basis of so much of the behaviour (and often abuse) that family members or relationships partners of those with BPD (non borderlines) see and often have imposed upon them.