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Why do many with Borderline Personality increase chaos & drama when you set a boundary or are firm with a boundary or boundaries?

Why is it so difficult to set and maintain a boundary or boundaries with someone with BPD? Borderlines react with increasing chaos, drama, devaluation, and rage against boundaries and they will punish you for them too. It is still very important to set boundaries with a borderline in your life or even an Ex.

It is healthy self-care for BPD Loved ones to set boundaries. Can you navigate that minefield or does this become a deal breaker?

No matter what relationship-type with a person with BPD, boundaries, are a must-have. Everyone needs boundaries. The fact that for so many with a borderline partner, parent or adult-child are punished and devalued when trying to have or up-hold boundaries means the relationship is not healthy. Not having boundaries, despite the borderline’s increase in chaos, drama, and punishment, is enabling a person with BPD to abdicate personal responsibility, to manipulate you and to have no motivation to want to get into therapy or change anything.

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Boundary-Setting With Borderlines Increases Chaos, Drama and Punishment