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Family members, loved ones, relationship partners or ex-partners of those who have Borderline Personality Disorder can break free from the borderline maze of chaotic and toxic relating. Non borderlines need to find their own recovery.

This audio program is 1 hour and 25 minutes of A.J. Mahari’s must hear insight and experience. In the audio program, "Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze – Recovery For Non Borderlines" A.J. Mahari speaks from the heart and from experience to those Non Borderlines who need to end their relationship with someone with BPD. She also speaks directly to those who may have ended a relationship but are still having trouble letting go and who may still be more focused on the borderline to the point that it is not good for their own mental health.

Breakfreemazeofbpd Borderline Personality Disorder devastates lives. It non only devastates the lives of those diagnosed with it but it also takes a considerable toll on loved ones and family members – non borderlines.

There are definite traps and hooks that keep the loved ones and family members of those with BPD in what are often increasing no-win situations that only add to their pain.

In this audio program, A.J. Mahari, talks to non borderlines with her insight as someone who had recovered from BPD but also as one who has been there on the non borderline side as the child of two parents with BPD and as the ex-significant other of someone with BPD/NPD.

Mahari has found her way out of Borderline Personality Disorder on both sides. She truly believes that people on both sides of BPD need recovery.

Non borderlines will benefit from what Mahari has to say about the reality of BPD and how they can empowe themselves to change and transcend their own pain and suffering.

Tracks in This Audio Program includes:

Track 1: Why am I still stuck? Why does it still hurt so much?

Track 2: Mistakes Are Growth Opportunities. Are you ready to Learn Your Way Out of the Maze on the Other Side of BPD?

Track 3: Trying to Make Sense Out of the Senseless

Track 4: Two Paths and Two Choices – Are you at this fork in the road on the other side of BPD?

Track 5: Recovery For Non Borderlines – What it is and why you need it.

You can purchase this audio program here: Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze – Non Borderline Recovery

© Ms. A.J. Mahari 2007

Breaking Free of The Borderline Personality Maze – Recovery For Non Borderlines