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Facing the Facts of Borderline Personality Disorder – On The Other Side of BPD – For Loved Ones and Family Members of those With BPD Audio Program by A.J. Mahari examines 10 Central Key Facts about Borderline Personality Disorder that every "non borderline" will benefit from a greater understanding about.

As only one who has been there can A.J. Mahari identifies and explains, from the inside out of Borderline Personality Disorder 10 Main Key Central Facts of Borderline Personality Disorder that Loved Ones and Family Members need to understand to free themselves from the painful hooks and emotional traps on the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Phoenix Rising Publication

Facingfactsothersideofbpd Facing the facts, on the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder is the only way to end your own pain and suffering if you have someone with BPD in your life – or if you have had some with BPD in your life.

On the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are those who are loved ones or family members of people diagnosed with BPD. It is a painful and confusing place to be. It is often a role, the role of the non borderline, that can cause a person to lose a sense of who they are. Non borderlines are often bewildered by the actions and behaviour of those with BPD. They get caught up in what is a whirlwind of unending emotional chaos and drama and leaves them walking on egg shells while often being emotionally, verbally, even physically abused and ending up somehow feeling as if it is their own fault.

Non borderlines need to begin to sift through the complex layers of this personality disorder so that they can understand it better and know where it ends and they begin. Non borderlines will benefit from listening to A.J. Mahari's "insider" examination that reveals the puzzling aspects of the inner-world of those with Borderline Peronality Disorder in a way that only one who has been there and made it out can.

Mahari's revelations about BPD impart to the non borderline 10 crucial facts that are central to the way that BPD effects their lives.

Tracks in this audio program include:

  • The Central and Foundational Fact of BPD that Nons First Need to Face – Fact 1
  • The Search and Quest For An Understanding That Will Set You Free – Fact 2
  • The Paradox of Being Re-Hooked – Fact 3
  • Inside The Reality of Borderline "I-hate-you-don't-leave-me" – Fact 4
  • Inside Borderline Relating – Fact 5
  • Recovery From BPD – The Controversy and What it Means For You – Fact 6
  • Insight Into the Perspective of the Borderline – Facts 7, 8, 9, & 10
  • Fact 7 – The Borderline Conscience and Lack of Identity
  • Fact 8 – Emotional Unavailability
  • Fact 9 – What Borderlines Do In The Face of A Lack of Self/Identity
  • Fact 10 – Compromised Awareness 

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© Ms. A.J. Mahari March 20, 2008

Facing the Facts On The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder – Nons