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In this program A.J. Mahari talks about how those with Borderline Personality Disorder can find hope from her own experience as someone who had BPD and has recovered. Mahari knows what it is like to fight the battle of borderline negativity to find her way to the hope that helped her to go on and recover.

Findhopeinbpd_2 Mahari talks about, as someone who as been there, the cognitive distortions that have created the polarized ways that borderlines experience their thoughts and feelings and how that polarization is what often blocks hope.

Mahari also outlines the ways that borderlines can work toward welcoming in hope one step at a time through mindfulness and radical acceptance. Mahari also shares a couple of her own experiences when she was in recovery from BPD, in group therapy, that give a clear illustration of the reality of hope as a catalyst for change and the reality of the blessings of paradox.

Tracks in this audio program include:

Track One: The Core Wound of Abandonment – The Source of Negativity in Borderline Personality Disorder

Track Two: The Role of Negativity in Borderline Personality Disorder

Track Three: Learned Helplessness – The Result of Cognitive Distortions – how it impacts hope and becomes an obstacle that blocks hope and getting on the road to recovery

Track Four: How To Find Hope From Within The Emotional Storms of Borderline Negativity

Track Five: Applying Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance To Finding Hope, Maintaining Hope and Experiencing Hope as a catalyst for change in the quest for paradox (Wise Mind) – A.J. also shares a couple of her own challenging experiences from her recovery when she was in group therapy that underscore the importance of hope.

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© A.J. Mahari March 20, 2008


Finding Hope From The Polarized Reality Of BPD