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2bpdinnerchildaudiocover_2In the audio program, "From False Self To Authentic Self – Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child" A.J. Mahari explores the reality of the false self in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and the healing reality of the connection to one’s inner child. Mahari describes why it is so important for anyone with BPD to get in touch with his or her inner child and his or her abandoned pain and how that is central to recovery.

The journey from the active throes of Borderline Personality Disorder to getting on and staying on the road to recovery is one that must include integrating one’s inner child and his or her feelings into your conscious awareness in the here and now.

Those who are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder get separated from the essence and conscious awareness of this precious part of "self" – the inner child – just as they are separated psychologically and emotionally from the lost authentic self. Those with BPD live through a false self – a pseudo self that really needs others in order to feel that it exists. As much as this borderline false self feels it needs others it also has no trust for others and no skills that can enable it to form healthy or stable relationships. The borderline false self exists to protect the wounded psyche of the borderline. In all other facets of its being and the ways it relates to others and to the world it is a self-defeating pseudo-self that attempts to keep the borderline separated from his or her inner child.

Borderlines need to find the lost authentic self in order to recover. The only way to find this lost authentic self  is to get in touch with and integrate the feelings of one’s dissociated from inner child – an inner child that is wounded and very much in pain – the abandoned pain of BPD

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Tracks in this audio program include:

Track 1: 52 Minutes – An Introduction To The Inner Child along with Borderline Personality Disorder and The Reality of the Victim Mentality and its connection to the fragmented split-off dissociated from Inner Child

Track 2: 31 Minutes – The Borderline Victim and The Need For Insight and Personal Responsibility – Versus The False Self

Track 3: 30 Mintues – The Loss of The Inner Child (developing authentic self) to the Borderline False Self and its role In Protecting against what is needed for recovery

Track 4: 42 Minutes – A.J. describes how, when, and why she met her inner child and what it meant to her recovery and how becoming aware of your inner child – your abandoned pain – can lead to ending self harm and is central to over-all recovery

Track 5: 75 Minutes – Borderline Duality – There’s "me" and then there is ME – The Reality of Duality – The domain of the false self and the lost authentic seed locked within the inner child

Track 6: 100 Minutes How You Can Get In Touch with Your Inner Child and Reclaim Your Inner Child – The connection to Recovery and A.J. reflects upon her own experience in getting in touch with her inner child

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copyright © A.J. Mahari November 2007

From False Self To Authentic Self in BPD – Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child