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Borderline Personality Disorder is a very painful mental illness to live with for those who are diagnosed with it as well as family members, loved ones, and relationship partners.

There is such a paradox in the reality of the pain of Borderline Personality Disorder. How is one with BPD supposed to be able to get in touch with and feel the pain – the pain of the core wound of abandonment – when those with BPD are often very unable to cope with their own emotions?

At the heart of the shame of abandonment in BPD is the Emotional Dysregulation that actually drives so much of the pain that borderlines have to contend with in their daily lives. The kind of pain that whether consciously felt or not takes its toll on relationships.

In her latest BPD Audio Podcast, A.J. Mahari talks about the pain of BPD.

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&copy A.J. Mahari, December 21, 2008

BPD and Pain