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youcommondenomLife Coach, A.J. Mahari, has come to realize, in all of her year of personal growth and Life Coaching others that Common Denominator Experiences are touchstones of awareness seeking to get and engage your attention. These moments are teachers in search of the student in you.

Common Denominator Experiences – are just that – experiences with a common denominator. If the experience is yours it stands to reason that you are its common denominator. Common denominator experiences are potential touchstones of awareness that await your engaging them in a mindful, aware, and radically accepting way.

A touchstone of awareness is a teacher in search of its student.

As a life coach and strategist most of the clients I work with, not unlike any of us, really, as human beings, are in need of getting more in touch with what I call touchstones of awareness. There are choices that can be made on such a subconscious level that the experience we encounter based upon those choices seems to have nothing to do with us.

Often, as with a common denominator experience, if we aren’t aware, we can easily experience events as happening to us rather than in our presence or around us. Experiencing events as being somehow personal can lead to a lot of discomfort and emotional pain. Personalizing events can also lead to alienation and isolation.

Taking a series of unpleasant or negative events – or perhaps events that were “unexpected” and thinking that they all have something in common, other than you, the one experiencing them, can lead to personalizing things that take your focus outside of yourself leaving you feeling as if you are powerless.

As I talk about in my latest audio segment Common Denominator Experiences in my Life Coach Whisperer Podcast, which you can find on iTunes by searching podcasts and entering my name, A.J. Mahari, a series of events experienced does not make that series of events related (more often than not) outside of the common denominator of being the one who experienced said series of events. The more awareness we can bring to what we encounter and experience in every day life, the more balanced an approach we can achieve and maintain. A balanced approach that enables us to meet the challenges of any given series of events with the awareness, insight, and understanding that all the events have in common is our experience of them.

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A.J. Mahari is a Life Coach who specializes in working with people who are searching for ways to improve themselves, the quality of their relationships and of their lives. Often when their is pain and suffering or one feels lost it is because his her or life is out of balance in some way or other. Finding a healthy balance requires change. Change requires tapping into a greater awareness of what it is that you need and then finding ways to identify your goals and achieve them. A.J. has 15 years experience as a Life Coach A.J. has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world with many different and varying issues from Borderline Personality Disorder, Loved Ones of someone with BPD, codpendency, unhappy, people in toxic relationships, people who at core have not yet worked out their unresolved childhood pain and it is still affecting their adult relationships and careers.

Common Denominator Experiences