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In her latest audio podcast, A.J. Mahari, talks about self harm in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Along with talking about how vast it is Mahari explores the main reason for self harm. She also asks and then answers a central question – who is really getting hurt and harmed in borderline self harm?

Borderline self harm can manifest in a wide variety of ways. It is much more than the most common types of self harm often talked about, namely, cutting.

Self harm in Borderline Personality Disorder is a destructive way of attempting to cope with the dysregulated emotions that those with BPD do not have the skills to cope with effectively or in healthier ways.

Self harm in BPD is also very connected to shame and has a tremendous on-going impact in the form of the shame of abandonment and the reality of the on-going experience of those with BPD of the issues directly related to abandonment in BPD. The unresolved issues that continue to overwhelm those with BPD, emotionally, are the result of core wound of abandonment that is so central in Borderline Personality Disorder.

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© A.J. Mahari, January 4, 2009 – All rights reserved.

A.J. Mahari is a Life Coach who, among other
things, specializes in working with those with BPD and non borderlines. A.J. has 5 years experience as a
Life Coach
and has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Self Harm in BPD – Who is really getting harmed?