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Loved Ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder need more awareness. Author, Life Coach and Strategist,
A.J. Mahari, poses a few questions for family members or loved ones of
borderlines to think about in video from her BPD Inside Out Video Podcast .

Audio Programs © A.J. Mahari

Questions can raise your
awareness. Questions can help you to a practical realization and
understanding that what often gets lost in the environment of one with
BPD, for the non borderline, is time and attention and needed self-care
that one needs to give to him or herself so that he/she can find the
emotional calm needed to be open to what you may need to learn more
about yourself about as opposed to how much more aware of BPD you need
to be.


© A.J. Mahari, February 6, 2009 – All contents of her videos © A.J. Mahari – All rights reserved.

Borderline Personality – Loved Ones – Questions Can Raise Your Awareness