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Life Coach and BPD Coach, A.J. Mahari, talks about the good news of the pain that is so formidable in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). For most people with BPD there is a profound amount of emotional pain. Pain that isn’t well tolerated. Pain that they do not have the emotional maturity or emotional skills to effectively cope with in healthy ways. Pain is not the negative that most with BPD think it is and experience it as being. It is experienced negatively because it is thought of and perceived as being negative.

Pain is a necessary part of recovery.

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How you think about your pain will determine how you experience it. In as much as the pain of abandonment is central to BPD, so too is it central to recovery from BPD.

Each step of the way, along the road to recovery, from Borderline Personality Disorder, this pain will increase each and every time anyone with BPD gets close to gaining more awareness and increasing his or her understanding of what he or she needs to heal.

Recovery from BPD isn’t about getting rid of this pain or escaping this pain, it is about learning to effectively cope with this pain and to radically accept this pain. Coming to understand that the pain of BPD can be a catalyst for healing and recovery will help you to shift your perception of it in ways that will help you to shift your experience of your pain.

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The pain of BPD is a gift when you open to it. Understanding your pain, connecting to the source of that pain – the lost authentic self – and learning to accept that pain is central to recovery.

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Borderline Personality and Pain – The Way To Recovery