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Life Coach, and Author, A.J. Mahari, invites you to join her on a new website, new Facebook Page and a new online support community designed to help you get on or move further along the path that is the journey beyond Borderline Personality, whether you’ve been diagnosed with it or are a loved one trying to cope. It is possible to get beyond borderline personality. A.J. Mahari knows because she, personally, got beyond borderline personality 15 years ago. You can create a life worth living now that is based in a wellness model and not in a pathological and stimatizing “medical” or “biological” model that would seem to indicate you are supposed to be stuck with borderline personality. I didn’t get stuck with it. You don’t have to be stuck with it. Join me and let’s talk. Empower yourself!



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Beyond Borderline Personality – Those Diagnosed and Loved Ones