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Life Coach, Author, BPD and Mental Health Coach, A.J. Mahari invites you to join her on her newest website, Beyond Borderline Personality with an open mind. There is a lot to be gained from thinking outside of the status quo box that is the “medical” or “biological” model that is a pseudo-science attempt on the part of mainstream psychiatry today, particularly in the United States, to explain a diagnostic category that in and of itself, can be questioned in many ways. Borderline Personality is a flawed stereotypical pathologizing of stigma against too many people, too many women, to what end? What happens when we challenge the status quo?

There is an inherent capacity to empower yourself when you can open your mind to shifting the paradigm of Borderline Personality away from the pseudo-science “medical” model of biopsychiatry to a more postive-psychology based wellness model of achieving balance and find the dialiectic of the middle-path.




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Shifting the Paradigm of Borderline Personality