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Loved ones, especially partners, of those with BPD, need to know more and understand more about the false self in Borderline Personality Disorder and how it can leave you feeling empathy, sorry for, and/or guilty about your reactions or feelings to the person in your life with BPD. The Borderline False Self can leave your head screaming "get out" and your heart not knowing how to let go of a relationship. It can be very confusing, very painful and the tendency to try to rescue and the illusion of false hope often reign supreme leading to even more pain and regret for many who are or who the partner of or have been a partner of someone with BPD. Often by the time your head is telling you to go so too are your friends and family. What holds you back? Is it good for you? This one hour and seven minute audio will give you a lot to think about and hopefully clear up some of your confusion.


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What Loved Ones Need To Know About The Borderline False Self and Their Own Feelings of Guilt