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3RadicalAcceptanceMeditativePracticeaudiocoverLife Coach, BPD/Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach, A.J. Mahari in this original Radical Acceptance Meditative Practice audio for people with Borderline Personality Disorder offers an unique and practical way to actually begin or continue to practice radical acceptance while learning how to build some new coping skills that will help people with BPD take breaks from the pain, negativity, suffering, rage, and emotional dysregulation and reactivity that is at the heart of so much of their daily experience.

This skill-building audio is one hour and 35 minutes long and offers those with Borderline Personality Disorder an effective way to learn how to take a break from the rigors of all that BPD manifests in their lives. It is meant to be a Radical Acceptance Meditative Practice audio that you can do daily and that will help you to begin to experience the empowerment of radical acceptance and how it can provide you with positive, healthy, healing, ways to begin to create worth and a safe place inside that, with practice, will be a place that you can call on or retreat to when triggered as you continue to listen to the audio and build your radical acceptance practice.


© A.J. Mahari, November 13, 2011 – All rights reserved.


Radical Acceptance Meditative Practice Audio For Those with Borderline Personality