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BPD Coach, A.J. Mahari, in memory of one of  her clients who committed suicide in September 2013, as do far too many with Borderline Personality, talks about recovery and the process and how you need to choose to live long enough for your moment of shifting, changing, and getting on that road to recovery will unfold. For those who have taken their own lives, they miss their moments. Recovery really is possible.

In Borderline Personality splitting and magical thinking – believing what you are feeling is what is and what will always be in your life, and not being able to recognize when you are triggered to dysregulated emotion you will feel a lot that will pass. But in that emotionally dysregulated place, unless you’ve learned some coping skills and can apply awareness to a highly charged and impulsive emotional time, magical thinking is predominant along with impulsivity and a lot of cognitive disortions. It is not the time to take any action based upon any feelings no matter how intense or prevasive and painful what you feel is. It will feel like it will last forever and always be this way, but that is a distorted thought based upon being emotionally overwhelmed, scared, and magical thinking and has its roots in a lack of  object contancy as well.

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This video and its messages are in memory of a client of mine that committed suicide in early September 2013, when so much healing was right around the corner for him. He had stuck with a process for a period of time and was making lots of progress but of course progress in the process of recovery is painful and does involve loss and he just couldn’t bear what he had to lose in order to re-gain his lost authentic self and he killed himself. He isn’t alone. Way too many (even though one, is one too many) people diagnosed or perhaps even more who don’t know they have Borderline Personality do kill themselves each year. The statistic has remained stuck on the number of 10% but I believe it has moved to a higher percentage.

Remember, you need to be hear when your efforts in coaching and/or therapy are about to pay off. You may not even realize how much you are growing and changing – it takes getting used to. It takes time. Everything about Borderline Personality Recovery is a process. That process needs to be trusted and stuck with even when you might feel like giving up. Be here for your moment. Seek help if you haven’t already. If you did, and you stopped, start Coaching and/or therapy again.

“Where there is life, there truly is hope”

© A.J. Mahari, September 25, 2013 – All rights reserved.

BPD – In Memory of a Client – Recovery Is Yours – Trust the process