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WORDS“Words are uncertain
and speak uncertain things.
But speaking this or that
                         they speak us.
Love is an equivocal word
like all words.
                It’s not a word.
said the Founder:
                it is a vision,
base and crown of the ladder of contemplation…
To love is to lose oneself in time,
to be a mirror among mirrors.” – Octavio Paz

“To be a mirror among mirrors”, is this not what we all are seeking to reflect, in our own lives? How often do we speak to others from the heart lending compassion and understanding, and yet simultaneously speak to ourselves also? Is this not the mirror receiving back its own reflection while reflecting back another’s reflection simultaneously?

How many times, in conflict, born out of pain, do we lash out, do we seek to use our words to ‘hurt’ another as we may ourselves feel or have been ‘hurt’? Is this not the mirror railing at the sight of its own reflection?

 "Words are uncertain,
  and speak uncertain things.
  But speaking this or that,
                            they speak us..."

Indeed they do. Perhaps instead of concerning ourselves with what others have said or will say we need to be centered inside and to voice the expression that is the nature of our hearts and souls in a way that does justly represent us. Regardless of the reflection of us that others may misperceive, misinterpret, or clearly just not understand.

Words are uncertain. Feelings are uncertain. For many a sense of self is uncertain. So much can be dangerously veiled within by the words that form the communication curtain inwardly and/or outwardly to others.

Let your sharing be a window that invites a view of all that is the very best in you. Whether it is painful or joyous seek not to allow your words to be in redress. Be free and honest, within reasonable boundaries, with your words.

What we say is a reflection of who we are. There is a power and a responsibility in this. Uphold the two and communication will take us all very far down the road to mutual respect and understanding. But, should we allow a deterioration of all good intention, we can all be hurt in this human dimension.

Love. That is the ticket. Love is what we all need and want, and what most of us have had to live far too long without. Let your words burst forth and through love – softly-shout with an compassionate gentleness.

Words express, people digress. Words can abuse. People can lose. We all must choose. Choose to share in the vision of the lovingly reflected word to allow each and every one of us here to be heard. Heard, safely, fairly, and accurately understood. This is what the power of our words in our lives must be.

To say ______ is to live it. Is to give it. Is to share it. Is to take. Is to help. Is to hurt. To say _______ is to share. Is to love. Is to care.  like all words are not merely spoken words – words reflect the presence of absence of a clear vision. What do you want to do today? Do you want to mirror the best in yourself and others? Or is there a sense of longing for the ordered-chaos of the past? A painful past that can creep into our words today so very mindlessly and quickly if we do not mindfully consciously choose the dignified and respectful way. Self and other respecting way for the mirrors and the reflections are shared back and forth, whether consciously known and understood or not.

I am a mirror…..see the reflection….I type these words minus my speaking inflection….my words cast out…..into a sea of souls… and like the welcome wave of water wind-blown… is the mirrored meaning that you interpret according to the way in which the reflected thoughts are absorbed by your mirror, your mind, your heart and your soul. Let us seek to have our words set sail supportively as we, in this boat, look over the sides and see mirrored from the water collectively and individually the human sea of soul. Mirrored images and the waves of words whose vision sees us all striving to become ever-more authentically whole.

Whatever you share, within your words, you are so absolutely there.

© A.J. Mahari – June 3, 2015 – All rights reserved. (Except for quoted content).

A.J. Mahari – Thought of The Day – Reflection on Words and What they Reflect